The Woven Clutch

Since last spring, I’ve loved the look of a woven clutch. It all started when I spotted this beauty at Anthro. At the time, I couldn’t justify purchasing such a trendy piece being unsure of just how much use I would get out of it. Considering that it’s a year later and I’m still thinking about that particular clutch, it’s safe to say that it’s one of those items that I will always regret not buying when I had the chance. However, with summer weddings and many Center City Sips outings in my near future, I’m determined to purchase a similar clutch this time around.

Now that I’ve found a dress for my friend’s wedding in early June, it’s time to accessorize. I absolutely love the dress I decided on, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tag. (Sadly, it’s extremely rare for me to genuinely love an item in my price range. The good news is that I now have a little more wiggle room in my budget to tie the look together.) One of the best parts about this dress is that its style happens to be perfect for one of the many woven clutches I’ve been eyeing up lately. It’s a mint-colored, flowy, backless number with a boho flair. When paired together, this dress and the clutch I ultimately decide on, along with a few other fabulous accessories, will scream laid-back elegance.

From designer splurges to handwoven, fair trade options, I found a variety of woven clutches at different price points. In fact, to my surprise, I came across so many that I adore that I’m having the worst time making a decision. If it were up to you, which of my finds would you go for and why?

1. Henri Bendel – Debutante // 2. Francesca’s – Topeka // 3. J. Crew – Havana // 4. Kayu – Baha // 5. Kayu – Ada // 6. J. Crew – Convertible Stationary Clutch // 7. Purse & Clutch – Woven Ombre Clutch // 8. Kayu – Capri // 9. Etsy – Handwoven Ikat Clutch by EstiloDesign // 10. Clare Vivier – Foldover Clutch // 11. Stella & Dot – City Slim Clutch // 12. Michael Kors – Santorini

4 thoughts on “The Woven Clutch

  1. Mom (Juji) says:

    They are all cute but my first choice is 8 and second choice is 2. Why? I like the simplicity of 8 and it looks like some type of stone / mineral on the front? I like the design on 2. 👝

  2. Lauren V. says:

    I love 8 and 7. My first choice would be 8 because it can be worn with something casual during the day or at night for going out. Let us know what you ended up choosing!

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