Wallenpaupack, Wine, and Waterfalls

Whoo whee! I have been slacking big time in the blog department. However, you can rest assured that it’s not for lack of inspiration. Ideas for new blog posts pop into my head nearly every day. The truth is that life has been crazy busy as of late. Nonetheless, I’m back and more inspired than ever.

While my getaway with Dan was nearly two weeks ago at this point, we had such a magical time that it’s still quite deserving of a post in my book. Although we’re currently saving up for an international vacation later this year, we still wanted to get away over Memorial Day weekend, especially because we both had quite a few days off. As such, we looked no further than the Poconos and ended up discovering an amazing boutique hotel called Ledges. It’s situated in the charming town of Hawley, PA, which is about three hours north of Philadelphia. The best part about Ledges is the gorgeous waterfalls that can be viewed from the hotel’s multi-tier decks complete with lounge chairs and fire pits. Aside from that, I love the history behind it. The building is a late 1800s glass factory that has been recently renovated. The decor is modern and luxurious, which is a surprising, yet lovely contrast to the older feel of the building’s exterior. Plus, there’s a tapas restaurant downstairs that had live music nearly every night that we were there.

Being that Hawley is in the Poconos, I was surprised by how much there was to do in and around the area. What I loved most about Hawley was its small-town feel. All of the locals were so genuinely nice and welcoming. Moreover, between Lake Wallenpaupack and many beautiful hiking trails nearby, we spent most of our days outside. The one dreary day that we had over our stay was spent exploring the town’s extremely impressive antique and vintage shops. We also had the pleasure of enjoying many tasty meals at the tapas restaurant below our hotel, Glass, as well as the restaurant at our hotel’s sister site, Settler’s Inn. A particular night that I loved was when we ventured over to a local music venue, Harmony Presents, which was featuring an insanely talented Canadian blues singer. Being that the venue was BYOB and had a deck overlooking yet another beautiful waterfall, I absolutely loved it.

Moral of the story: it’s amazing what several days away can do for the soul. While I love living in the city, I crave time with nature and escaping the hustle and bustle of city living. I came back completely relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the week ahead.

























3 thoughts on “Wallenpaupack, Wine, and Waterfalls

  1. Danny_G says:

    I had so much fun on our little getaway baby! I I forgot how many amazing pictures you (aka we) took😘 I am totally missing the steak, eggs, and taters every morning for breakfast! Best blog yet alert❗️❗️❗️👍

  2. Mom (Juji) says:

    Well Lula, It sounds like you had a wonderful time and really got a chance to relax and rejuvenate. I love all of your photos! They’re beautiful! One of my faves is the stone wall with the opening and planter in it. I take it these are all manual shots…yes? It’s a place that in the future I must visit. It feels good to see you enjoy life the way you do. 🌻

  3. Denise Zimmerman says:

    Looks like you had an awesome get-away! The pictures are great! Is Dan carrying your tripod or his? Just wondering:)

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