Spruce Street Harbor Park

Last Thursday, I jokingly (well, somewhat jokingly) stated that all I wanted in life was a rooftop deck and a hammock. An old friend of mine, Colleen, informed me that Spruce Street Harbor Park was opening the next day and that said park would have “hammocks errrwhere.” Obviously intrigued, I did a little research and determined that I would have to check out this park as soon as humanly possible. That day was this past Monday, and I have to say, I was truly impressed.

So, a little more about this magical, “pop up” park. Where do I begin? You walk up to a bunch of trees adorned with the prettiest, most colorful hammocks – hammocks on hammocks on hammocks. Colleen wasn’t kidding. Above these difficult-to-snag hammocks are LED lights that change color every few seconds. As you head closer to the river, you’ll notice people playing all sorts of games, from ping pong to shuffle board to cornhole. I especially love how the park has repurposed shipping containers to house arcade games and Carnival-esque snacks. There’s something about the smell of cotton candy and funnel cake that evokes the best kind of nostalgia.

Now, for my favorite part: a glorious pier of sorts. In the center is a spectacular floating garden with even more color-changing LED lights. Surrounding this floating garden is a makeshift, urban beach with many options for seating, including colorful adirondack chairs and a net suspended over the water if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. For a park, I was pretty stoked about the food and beverage options; the food was cooked up by Garces Group while most of the beer on tap was provided by Yards Brewing Co.

Despite it being a Monday evening, the place was packed and the vibes were great. It felt like a giant love-fest, and I was quickly reminded of why I love the city of Philadelphia so dearly. Needless to say, this park comes highly recommended. Just be sure to make it before it closes for good on August 31st. You can find out more about the park’s hours and upcoming events here.



















3 thoughts on “Spruce Street Harbor Park

  1. Juj (mom) says:

    This is very cool! I have to put this on my list of things to do before the end of the summer. I absolutely love hammocks so this is why your hammock photos are my fav’s for this post. I also love the garden pic! Whoever thought of this idea is ingenious! Nice write up Lula!

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