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Life has a way of kicking you in the butt when you need it the most. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, I was sitting on the couch, putting off writing the final post of this blog series for fear of saying goodbye to this adventure forever. I know I’m being dramatic, but me and Dan’s Pacific Northwest road trip was everything to us. Anyway, after procrastinating by making some root vegetable chips (recipe to come in the near future), I finally started to go through our Seattle photos. Naturally, the Travel Channel was in the background. Not five minutes into going through photos, Bizzare Food America comes on featuring none other than Seattle! So, that leads me to this post.

Day 11

Dan and I had a relatively short drive from Olympic National Park to Seattle. In fact, we got there just in time for check-in. Similar to how we were when we first arrived to Portland, we were ecstatic for a long, hot shower and a relaxing night in. We stayed at ACE Hotel, conveniently located downtown. We hung out, listened to some music, and went to bed early so that we would be recharged for the following day.


Day 12

We enjoyed our hotel’s continental breakfast (those waffles!) and headed to Pioneer Square. I loved its Romanesque architecture, so I was grateful to have some time to take photos before we headed to the Underground Tour. For whatever reason – the grey skies, perhaps – I shot in B&W in Seattle more than I have elsewhere.

Anyway, back to the Underground Tour. This tour came highly recommended prior to our trip and for good reason. After the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, the city decided to simply build above the rubble rather than clear it out and start from scratch. As such, the original sidewalks and storefronts remain underground to this day. The tour guides not only take you to these areas, but also divulge Seattle’s intriguing history in the most comical way possible.

After our tour, we went to nearby Purple Café & Wine Bar for lunch. We loved it! The atmosphere, food, and incredible wine selection made us feel fancy after several days of roughin’ it. A few wine flights later, we walked over to the the impressive Seattle Public Library. If only for a brief visit, you’ll want to see its unique, award-winning architecture for yourself.

We ultimately ended our day by driving to Kerry Park, which has incredible views of the Seattle skyline, including the Seattle Great Wheel and the Space Needle. Obtaining a near-perfect, long-exposure shot proved to be tricky without a tripod, but we did it! Afterward, we headed back to our hotel, drank some wine, and called it a night.





Day 13

Our day started with one of the most anticipated excursions of our trip, Pike Place Market! As someone who is passionate about fresh food and artisan goods, I was in heaven. While Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market is undoubtedly impressive, Pike Place Market puts it to shame; it encompasses several levels of stands, storefronts, and restaurants and spans a whopping nine acres.

We ate our way through the market and admired the beautiful displays of food, flowers, and handmade items. Every once in a while, we stopped to enjoy the talented musicians that played in various locations throughout the market. Of course, we had to at least lay eyes on the original Starbucks, located at 1st and Pike, as well as the infamous gum wall, located on Post Alley.

After exploring Pike Place Market for hours on end, we hopped in our vehicle and drove to Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Between its overall artsy vibe and locally-owned boutiques, restaurants, and breweries, we loved Fremont. While we were there, we were sure to check out the Fremont Troll under the Aurora Bridge. Later, we stopped by Fremont Brewing for a beer flight and ended up having an incredible Turkish dinner at Café Turko thanks to the advice of the guys at Fremont Brewing.

After an action-packed day involving way too many calories, we were pooped. We decided to head back to our room so that we would be ready to go for the last day of our trip. (Insert sad face here.)













Day 14

Our last day in Seattle was a day of compromise for Dan and I. I wanted to go to the flagship Nordstrom (Dan, not so much) and Dan wanted to go to Gas Works Park (me, not so much). Dan was a trooper while I looked for a dress for an upcoming wedding, and I ended up having a lot of fun photographing Gas Works Park’s industrial structures.

After venturing to Gas Works Park, we headed back downtown to do some wandering. We stumbled upon the Seattle Glassblowing Studio, at which we were able to walk through its impressive gallery and watch professional glassblowers in action. It was fascinating! We were so happy to have stumbled upon this studio, as it was a free alternative to the pricier Chihuly Garden & Glass exhibit next to the Space Needle.

Prior to heading to the airport, we each decided on the very last thing that we wanted to do while we were in Seattle. Naturally, they involved food and beverage. Dan wanted to go to iconic Top Pot Doughnuts, located Downtown, while I wanted to go to Outlander Brewery, located in Fremont. Dan happily devoured half of a dozen doughnuts, and I blissfully sipped on one last beer flight. Ironically enough, Outlander Brewery was the only brewery that wasn’t brought to my attention prior to our trip, yet it was by far my favorite brewery that we visited while in the Pacific Northwest. Both unique and tasty, its brews are top-notch. And, before we knew it, it was time to catch our flight back to Philadelphia.

Long story short, I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to take such an unbelievable road trip with my better half, and I will forever cherish the memories that we made on our adventure. If you’ve taken the time to follow our journey via this blog series, thank you times a million!