While I’m extremely picky about tall boots, I’ve had no trouble finding booties that I adore. Booties are great because they can instantly elevate an otherwise casual outfit. I’m absolutely head-over-heels with fall fashion, and booties are a huge reason for that. As you can see, I love booties in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but I’m particularly loving the stacked-heel look this season. Because there are so many booties, so little time, I’ve purposely narrowed down my favorites to budget-friendly options under $150. Decisions, decisions…

P.s. My search for the ultimate bootie lead me to discover Crown Vintage, which is DSW’s exclusive brand that is super affordable without compromising quality. Be sure to check out more from this product line because it’s to die for!

1. Crown Vintage – Wilton // 2. Sam Edelman – Petty // 3. Clarks – Spye Celeste // 4. TOMS – Desert // 5. BC Footwear – Best Dressed // 6. Chinese Laundry – Battle Field // 7. Splendid – Lakotas // 8. Very Volatile – Whitby // 9. Steve Madden – Plover // 10. Chinese Laundry – Zane // 11. Sperry Top Sider – Harlow // 12. Clarks – Mission Halle

The Woven Clutch

Since last spring, I’ve loved the look of a woven clutch. It all started when I spotted this beauty at Anthro. At the time, I couldn’t justify purchasing such a trendy piece being unsure of just how much use I would get out of it. Considering that it’s a year later and I’m still thinking about that particular clutch, it’s safe to say that it’s one of those items that I will always regret not buying when I had the chance. However, with summer weddings and many Center City Sips outings in my near future, I’m determined to purchase a similar clutch this time around.

Now that I’ve found a dress for my friend’s wedding in early June, it’s time to accessorize. I absolutely love the dress I decided on, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tag. (Sadly, it’s extremely rare for me to genuinely love an item in my price range. The good news is that I now have a little more wiggle room in my budget to tie the look together.) One of the best parts about this dress is that its style happens to be perfect for one of the many woven clutches I’ve been eyeing up lately. It’s a mint-colored, flowy, backless number with a boho flair. When paired together, this dress and the clutch I ultimately decide on, along with a few other fabulous accessories, will scream laid-back elegance.

From designer splurges to handwoven, fair trade options, I found a variety of woven clutches at different price points. In fact, to my surprise, I came across so many that I adore that I’m having the worst time making a decision. If it were up to you, which of my finds would you go for and why?

1. Henri Bendel – Debutante // 2. Francesca’s – Topeka // 3. J. Crew – Havana // 4. Kayu – Baha // 5. Kayu – Ada // 6. J. Crew – Convertible Stationary Clutch // 7. Purse & Clutch – Woven Ombre Clutch // 8. Kayu – Capri // 9. Etsy – Handwoven Ikat Clutch by EstiloDesign // 10. Clare Vivier – Foldover Clutch // 11. Stella & Dot – City Slim Clutch // 12. Michael Kors – Santorini

Camera Chic

I recently (and finally!) got a DSLR camera, something that has been on my wish list for years. To say that I am excited about my new purchase would be the understatement of the century. Although, now that I have it, I am pretty dang intimidated by all of its settings. It takes stunning photos on auto-mode, but I bought it hoping to learn how to take beautiful photos manually. Hopefully, I’ll get to that point sooner rather than later!

This long-awaited purchase not only means a new hobby for me, but also means gorgeous photos for the blog. Confession: thus far I’ve been using photos taken from my mom’s camera, which she graciously allowed me to borrow for a couple of weeks, and my iPhone. Yes, my iPhone. I can’t wait to step it up a notch in the photo department!

The reason that it took me so long to make this purchase is that I wanted to invest in high-quality equipment. To many that probably means the body and lens alone. However, I probably put as much research into the accessories as I did the key items – specifically, a bag and a strap.

First, can we talk about how ugly most camera bags are? How people can invest so much money into quality camera bodies and lenses and carry them around in those hideous things is beyond my comprehension. So, if you’re in the market for a camera bag that is attractive, well-made, and functional, look no further! I scoured the internet for hours searching for camera bags that I’d be proud to incorporate into my everyday attire. Even better, despite their appearance, they are bags made specifically for cameras. Between being made with sturdy genuine leather and having protective inserts with adjustable dividers, these bags are worth the splurge.

For now, I went with the insert pictured in photo #9. I am currently way too indecisive about which splurge-worthy camera bag I want. Also, I absolutely love how it fits into most regular bags that I already have. When I’m in the mood to venture out and snap some photos, all I have to do is throw it in the bag that I’m already using that day.

1. Isaac Mizrahi – The Liz // 2. ONA – The Chelsea // 3. Jill-E – Juliette // 4. Kelly Moore – Songbird // 5. Timbuk2 – Snoop // 6. Etsy – ionnoi // 7. Jo Totes – Siena // 8. Etsy – MagnusLeather // 9. ONA – The Roma // 10. ONA – The Palma // 11. F-stop – Smoky Mountain, Millar Series // 12. Epiphanie – Charlotte

My search for the perfect camera strap was much simpler. It started on Etsy and ended on Etsy. There are tons of options, but when I discovered that I could order a custom, personalized camera strap from viveo, I was sold. The price for the quality of leather and craftsmanship is insane!